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21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge on WhatsApp Every Monday New Group

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Mon, Sep 5 2022 7:00 am to 11:55 pm

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In this time of change and uncertainty we will commit to 21 days to change our mindset from scarcity to abundance and do a vibrational energetic RESET and reconnect for a fresh and new start.

21 Days to Abundance Challenge

GROUP 125 Starts on WhatsApp

or Facebook every Monday

Janet Ft Lauderdale FL G70a: Hi I’m Janet from Fort Lauderdale. This meditation experience was good for me to slow down and understand how my thoughts create my life experiences. I will stick with the ritual of meditating and making my day intentional. Thank you Sheri for this program and it was my pleasure to have spent 21 days with this group.

Anita Tampa Florida G70a: My name is Anita and I'm from Tampa Florida. This challenge has helped me realize that I have been stuck in my past and it has kept me from my best self. It was great meditating and focusing on positive things to do through the day. Thanks to my wonderful friend who suggested this challenge.

In 3 week's we will focus on different aspects of abundance from Deepak Chopra:

Week #1) Preparing for Abundance with unlimited potential what true abundance is how consciousness & mind affects the flow & how it's a divine right.

Week #2) Spiritual laws of success from pure potentiality to law of dharma serving Humanity.

Week #3) Practical aspects through living in abundance. Exploring Syncro-destiny intention and meaningful coincidence living gratefully in unity and love.

Basically you will receive a daily task to accomplish in 24 hours and a 15-minute video of meditation from Deepak every day so you practice tapping into the unlimited abundance around you.

• Private WhatsApp and Facebook Group

• Free Access anywhere in the world via phone or computer

• Community Feed

• Daily Inspiration Messages

• Meditative Moments

• Connect and Message with Your Friends (a great alternative to Facebook)

• Explore a sampling of meditations mudras and mantras

Every day you will receive a meditation & lesson to do freely on your own. You check in with the group when completed within 24 hours.

• As a result we will create a mindset for charity

• Being a contribution to the world with your business

• Attract Abundance for you and your business

• Create a mindset of gratitude and abundance

• Experience WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you your customers and the entire universe

• Build a habit of a daily guided which you will receive as a present for the completion of every task!


1) Download WhatsApp on your phone or computer join and Invite others and share the link once we start the Group will close in72 hours.




2) Whatsapp group join daily - link in tickets

21 Days to Abundance Challenge

Starts on WhatsApp or Facebook every Monday

Check-in every day for 21 days for your daily lessons to be completed in 24 hrs or you will be removed from the group. (Remember this is a challenge).

Allow approx 25-30 minutes daily to complete the challenge. The meditations are 15 minutes long.

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Questions drop a message 786 419 1389 or DM Sheri Kaplan on WhatsApp in the group.

Bio- For over 30 years Sheri Kaplan is a qualified & certified Transformational Coach Sound Energy and Intuitive Healer Author & Motivational Speaker. Sheri’s unique healing style integrates Reiki TESLA Healing Access Bars Crystals Shungite & Pyramids. She uses over 30 Sound Healing instruments to create Balance Relaxation & Chakra activation as she activates every cell in your body.

A leader in the South Florida Community For the past 8 years she has recently taken her in-person event virtually and produces on Zoom a monthly Healing Platform called Healers Network Holistic & Psychic Fair. She is constructing Healers.Network a global E-Commerce Wellness Marketplace Directory to Locate healers anytime AND anywhere. Https://

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