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Reiki Sound Healing Chakra Balancing Sessions In Person

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Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness Center, Northeast 20th Avenue, North Miami, FL, USA, United States
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Are you feeling like you have no energy or desires as you used to?

How about overthinking, and worrying too much, and can't sleep?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery wellness and transformation?

Look no further than Sheri Kaplan's empowering healing sessions!

Experience Transformation: Through the art of sound healing, the magic of TESLA Healing, the Comfort of Reiki, the charge from Energy Healing, get quiet with Access Bars, Get balanced with Crystals, and get motivated from intuitive coaching.

Sheri creates a sacred safe space for you to release tension reduce stress and experience profound transformation.

Choose from a range of rejuvenating options to suit your needs and preferences:

By appointment only from 11:00 am to 7 pm until 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

1-Hour Session - Only $111:

Immerse yourself in an hour of holistic healing where Sheri's over three decades of expertise will guide you towards inner balance and well-being.

⏱️ 1.5-Hour Session - Just $135: (Reg $155)

Extend your experience for a deeper dive into relaxation stress reduction and energy alignment.

⏰ 2-Hour Session - Now Only $155 (Reg. $222):

Treat yourself to an extended session to fully immerse in the transformative power of Sheri's healing techniques.

Couples Special Half Price - Only $222 (Reg. $444): Share the experience of healing and rejuvenation with a loved one. Connect on a deeper level as you both embrace the journey of wellness together.

Client Reviews:

Read more reviews here:

"Sheri's healing sessions have brought me a sense of peace I haven't felt in years. Her intuitive guidance and sound therapy are truly magical." - Maria R.

"I was skeptical at first but Sheri's sessions have truly transformed my outlook on life. Her energy and expertise are unparalleled." - Mark S.

"Sheri's healing techniques are exactly what I needed to find balance in my life. Her sessions are a true gift." - Lisa C.

Featured on Deco Drive:

Sheri Kaplan was recently featured on Deco Drive Channel 7 WSVN.

Watch the segment here: []

Join Us for the Weekly Sheris Sound Bath Meditation

Saturday 11:30 AM-1:00PM

Join us and embrace wellness together!

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**About Sheri Kaplan - Your Trusted Guide:** With over three decades of experience as a visionary healer Sheri Kaplan is a guiding light in the spiritual community. As a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Sound Healing Alchemist TESLA Healing Metamorphosis Practitioner and intuitive Holistic Coach she's dedicated to empowering individuals on their paths to well-being and spiritual growth. Sheri's unique blend of sound therapy energy healing and transformative coaching has helped countless individuals achieve greater levels of health happiness and vitality.

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Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan


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