Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan

Ignite Your Inner Spark: Vision Board Playshop & Why You Need a Vision Board

Date & Time

Sat, Sep 30 2023 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

(UTC timezone)


Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness Center, 14901 Northeast 20th Avenue, North Miami, United States
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**Ignite Your Inner Spark: Vision Board Playshop & Why You Need a Vision Board!**

Saturday, September 30th 

⏰ **12 PM - 6 PM**  

Sheri Kaplan Health & Wellness Center, North Miami

**Why You Can't-Miss This!**  

- **Craft Your Dream Life**:

We provide everything you need to create a vision board that's your roadmap to success!

✂️ - **Unlock Your Potential**: Expert talks on healing and manifestation!

- **Find Your Zen**: Guided meditations to connect with your inner peace!  

- **Heal & Reveal**: Personal healing sessions to unblock your chakras! 

- **Mini-Sessions**: 15-minute personal healing and clarity sessions for just $25!

**Meet the Speakers** 

- **Sheri Kaplan**: "Design Your Destiny: Harnessing Bagua Energy Placement for a Powerful 2024 Vision Board"  

- **Gaby Ugarte**: "Amplifying Your Manifestation Mojo through Theta Healing and Unconditional Love"  

- **Caren Exelbirt L.M.T**: "The Power of Belief - Shaping Reality through Responsibility and Mind Mastery"  

- **Dr. Diane Elaine Bonardi**: "Unleashing Your Authentic Self: How Blocked Chakras Shape Your Presence and Expression Through Aura Readings"

**What's a Vision Board?**  

It's a collage of images, words, and affirmations that represent your dreams and goals.

**We Provide Everything!**  

- Posterboard 

- Scissors ✂️  

- Glue  

- Loads of Magazines

**Early Bird Special: $40**  

**Bring a Friend: 2 for $60**  

**$50 at the Door**


Call Sheri at 786-419-1389**  


**Website: [Get Balanced Miami](**

**VENDORS: Elevate Your Brand!**  

Join us to connect with a community of seekers and amplify your impact!

**Ready to Transform Your Life? Secure Your Spot Today!**

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Hosted by

Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan


For over 30 years, Sheri has shone brightly in the spiritual community, embodying love and light. Her dedication has earned her a revered spot as a visionary healer in holistic wellness. Sheri's sessions are a blend of energy healing, sound baths, and transformational coaching, each tailored to resonate with an individual's unique energy. She employs Tesla Healing, Reiki, Sound, and her intuitive insights to help people release blockages and find balance. Beyond individual sessions, Sheri offers specialized services like Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Pyramid Activation. Her nurturing approach ensures a transformative journey, making each experience profound and enlightening. For those looking to dive deeper, Sheri offers a 2-hour sessions in North Miami, allowing individuals to immerse fully in her healing techniques. She also provides a special couples session, fostering deeper connections through shared healing experiences. As an event producer, teacher, and author, Sheri's mission is clear: guiding others toward optimal health and spiritual growth. Her gentle expertise has been a beacon for many, unlocking potential and inner peace.